Join us as we step back in time to the days of imposing castles

Join us as we step back in time to the days of imposing castles high on the bluffs, knights in armor defending the kingdom, and noblemen ruling over the serfs. This was life in the Middle Ages.

Read all about the various aspects of life
during these exciting times!

Also visit another one of our class research projects titled Images of Greatness where you can read about thirteen people of enduring fame and test your knowledge of famous quotations.

Other web projects created by Mrs. Sunda's Gifted Resource classes:

Thinking Through Literature - Six literature units
Heroes of Black American History - Biographical "letters" and "How to Be" poems
Fabulous Fables
- Original fables by our third graders
Tall Tales of the West - The tallest tales you can imagine!
Lyrical Lines - 4th/5th Grade Poetry Book and Third Grade Poetry Book
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Literature Study
A-B-C Artist Research -
Six artist biographies
Aesop's Fable Skits - Original skits inspired by Aesop

Watch and Learn Math Clips - Math concepts video clips
Literature Studies for Critical Thinking - Nine literature units

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave - Flag history
Inventive Genius - Inventor biographies, How-to poems, and quotes
Unsolved Mysteries
- PowerPoint Slide Shows
A Century in Review - A Final Look at the Decades of the 20th Century
Tall Tales, Arizona Style - Original Tall Tales
Brisas Museum of Art History - Art of Ancient Civilizations
Poet's Bookshelf - America's Greatest Poets
Museum of Art Masters - Artists' Biographies and Poetry
Images of Greatness - Biographies and Quotations Quiz
Have You Heard the Sound of . . .? - Poetry Page
Wide World of Verbs - Tutorial & Practice Tests
Original Fables - Inspired by Aesop
Hyperstudio Stacks - Student Research

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Researched and posted Jan. 1997


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